Regular roof maintenance programs are proven to decrease the frequency of leaks on your building and increase the life of the roof up to 100%. Most roofing warranties require some type of a roof maintenance program.

Small roofing problems can grow in to large and expensive issues. But a comprehensive roof maintenance program will help prevent premature deterioration and keep your roof in top working order.

Regular inspections by a trained and licensed roofing technician can reveal small problems. Taking swift corrective action at this early stage can prevent costly emergency service calls. Industry recommends that inspections should be performed on a bi-annual frequency, typically occurring in the spring and fall. Roof components such as metal edge flashing, parapet walls, roof top equipment, and other perimeter flashings should also be inspected and repaired as these are the cause of 90% of roof leaks. Regular inspections should also include routine housekeeping, such as gutter and/or scupper cleanouts) and other repairs.

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Roofing Inspection Hints

              Inspect the Following Areas:  

  • Physical or structural damage (for example, the flashing could be damaged or sags in the surface).
  • Surface or coating damage.
  • Check for debris hindering drainage (often time debris will amass in the corners of the scuppers).
  • Ponding, punctures, cracks, alligator cracking, blisters, or fish mouths.
  • Interior signed of leaks such as peeling paint, bubbling, or swelling of painted surfaces, crumbling, or degrading walls or ceiling.
  • Sheathing decay (dark streaks on shingles).
  • Vents (be sure that they are not covered or clogged).
  • Pipes and roof penetrations (like your chimney or skylight).

KEEP an eye on Your Roof:

  • Know the age of your roof.
  • Spot check your roof at least once or twice a year.
  • Watch the buildings and/or homes around you.
  • Check for damage after a significant weather event.

Glenn Fedale, Sr.
Director of Business Development
G Fedale Roofing and Siding