The Ergonomics of Working from Home
As I think about those of you reading this article, I can likely draw a few conclusions about you. You are likely working from home at least part of the time or full time, your work from home scenario may extend through a good part of 2021 and by now, you are likely tiring of some of the aspects of this arrangement. If I got any of that right, you may benefit from some resources surrounding how to make that home office arrangement fit you better.

If we look at the current statistics surrounding remote work using The Owl Labs/Global Workplace Analytics’ 2020 State of Remote Work Survey and other related research, we see 92% of people expect to work from home at least one day a week in 2021 and 80% at least three times per week. In addition, 77% of respondents indicated that after COVID-19, being able to work from home would make them happier and 75% said they are as or more productive working from home than when they were in the office. This is compelling data that many business owners are looking at carefully as they model their return to the office plans.
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Upcoming Events

IFMA Philadelphia Economic Forecast
January 21, 2021 at 12:00 pm. What will 2021 look like for the Commercial Real Estate Market and Facility Management? Join us for a discussion on trends in office relocation, resizing, and redesign. Forecast by James Mullarkey (Newmark) and Move Management and Project Management approach needed in a pandemic by David Heckler (Watchdog Project Management). Click here for more details and to register! Zoom access info will be provided to registrants on January 20.

Ready to advance your FM Career? The Greater Philadelphia Chapter of IFMA is hosting an IFMA FMP Virtual Credential Class !!!
Presented by Alana Dunoff, starting on February 3, with manageable 3 – hour classes on Wednesday mornings to help you fit into and manage your schedule.
IFMA’s Facility Management Professional (FMP) designation is a knowledge-based credential for FM professionals and industry suppliers looking to increase their depth-of-knowledge in the core FM topics deemed critical by employers. By earning the FMP credential, you will improve your knowledge, enhance your skills, and gain immediate credibility with employers, clients, and peers. The FMP Credential provide a strong foundation of the core competencies of Facility Management. There are 4 modules that make up the FMP credential class: Leadership and Strategy, Finance and Business, Project Management and Maintenance and Operation.

The Virtual FMP course is designed to provide students with high level content and review of material, with an opportunity for students to engage, ask questions, and participate in activities in support of preparing for the assessments. This model depends on students preparing for class by reading the assigned chapters in advance of the live sessions. The class will also encourage students to submit questions in advance of class. This course is perfect for motivated learners who want support from an instructor in a virtual classroom setting. Click here for more details and to register by January 20!

Managing Risks
Presented by Dale Wenger February 4, 2021 at 1:00 pm
Compliance includes fulfilling the requirements of applicable laws and regulations as well as meeting ethical requirements on the social, community and industry levels. This webinar will discuss the FM’s role in ensuring compliance and provide examples of practical tools an FM can utilize to accomplish this goal. Click here to register! Zoom access info will be provided to registrants on February 3rd.

The Benefits of IFMA InSite/Practical Application of Workspace Ergonomics:
A 30-minute presentation presented by Lisa Barday of Be Well Ergo, on February 18 at 1:00PM who will provide an overview of the mechanics of ergonomics and the benefits of making improvements to posture and work habits. She will review the proper steps for setting up a workspace including the chair, typing surface and monitor configuration, to help improve posture and comfort and reduce fatigue and injury. In addition, Lisa will provide suggestions and workarounds to improve your workspace in sometimes less than ideal home office settings or if resources are not available. Robin Cohen will add to Lisa’s presentation by discussing how different types of furniture meet individual needs. At the conclusion of the presentation, attendees will have actionable steps that they can implement immediately in their personal workspaces or share with other colleagues. Q&A to follow. Click here to register! Zoom access will be provided to registrants on February 17th. Don’t miss a live raffle of two chairs and a personalized 30-minute workstation assessment coaching session.

Recent Events

Arnolds Office Furniture (Arnolds) recently gave a presentation that was hosted by the Philadelphia Chapter of IFMA. Arnolds is the exclusive dealer and manufacturer representative of Sunline Furniture (Sunline). Sunline creates a vast variety of commercial furniture that is focused on aesthetics, quality, durability, warranty. Arnolds works directly with the Sunline factories, thereby removing the intermediate market which allows for less errors and lower prices; regardless of project size. Arnolds representative, Robin Cohen, shared the tips below to help us through the pandemic.

During the winter, the workplace will only remain safe if everyone follows all of the guidelines. Most people are working remotely but if you do need to be in the workplace; socially distancing is vitally important. When you are in the office or common area, higher panels between desks and/or plexiglass screens are helpful. If you are working from home, “get up from your chair!!!!” as often as possible. Sitting all day is not good and is being characterized as the new smoking. Go do laundry, walk the dog, go for a run; just get moving. Take advantage of your zero-commute time and use the time for your personal health program. Arnold’s recommends that you create a standing workspace. Adding an ottoman or step stool underneath the standing workstation to alternate putting foot on it to bend your leg can relieve your back.

The Golf Outing
It was a beautiful day on the course (but a cold day on the course is better than a warm day in the office) Thursday, October 8, 2020. Our annual golf outing was held at Springfield Country Club. The Springfield Country Club is situated on a property which was of a tract of land deeded by William Penn to a surveyor in 1681. The property was a homestead and farmed until 1947, when it was purchased by Thomas Sheridan, whose family sold it to Springfield Township in the early 1960’s.
The event boasted 100 golfers that created 25 foursomes and our dinner was enjoyed by 120 guests. This is the first year that we partnered with the Gift of Life, a non-profit organization. Another first was professional photography completed by Marikate Venuto. Please check out our photos on our website as well as our Facebook page!

Industry Update

There’s no doubt that working from home can bring a lot of benefits to your work life and your professional life. But while the advantages may come easy, keeping yourself healthy when you work from home sometimes isn’t. Whether you’re a seasoned remote worker or about to embark on a new remote career, check out these tips to stay healthy when you work from home. Read more here,

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Protecting Priceless American History from Fire Risks, A hybrid fire extinguishing system safeguards George Washington’s tent at The Museum of the American Revolution,

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