Spring 2020


Managing Facility Access in a Post-Covid-19 Environment

Access control and visitor tracking have never been more important. Whether a facility has remained open during the pandemic or is about to reopen, it is imperative that organizations implement best practice policies, procedures, and protocols to ensure a safe work environment. This article provides a road map of useful policies and procedures that can be modified to fit your organization’s needs. Larger organizations likely began implementation of their policies and procedures several months ago; however, this tool may be useful to smaller organizations. For specific information regarding the reopening of a facility refer to Center for Disease Control guidelines at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/reopen-

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Philly Beat

Philadelphia is always pushing the boundaries in the medical field, its no wonder CHOP was the first kids only hospital, It continues to run today and is one of the most advanced children’s hospitals in the country, https://www.chop.edu/
CHOP Children’s COBID-19 Resource for Parents:


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