IFMA encourages the regional corporate community to provide Internships to train the emerging leaders of our organizations.

Hire An FM Intern

IFMA encourages the regional corporate community to provide Internships to train the emerging leaders of our organizations. If you can provide a rich, interesting and experiential Facility Management internship by giving a student a 6-8 weeks of exposure to Facility Management processes, practices and procedures you can help continue to build their foundation. These young men and women are eager for practical skills and a mentorship that can only truly be obtained in the field. You will be amazed at what they already know, how quickly they learn and how much of an asset they can be to your organization. Whether your organization has a formal internship program or you are considering your first.


Students do not receive course credit for internships – the internship is a special opportunity to expand their academic knowledge into the “real world.” Internships are paid positions that expose students to the FM field. Any business offering an internship should organize the student’s time to expose them to as much about Facility Management as is reasonable while also getting the benefit of their skills, creativity and education. 
There are two overall models that companies could use to organize the position:

  • a “shadowing” structure in which the student rotates among the work groups in the FM department, but may not be assigned actual work or projects.
  • an “employee” structure with a primary work assignment for the student, but with opportunities to be exposed to some of the other areas of the FM department (through observing meetings, visiting work sites, interviewing or meeting with others in the department or in the company).

This second approach is most common. Students are usually hired as seasonal workers without benefits. They can work 32 to 40 hours per week while not in school (summers), or up to 20 hours per week during a semester.


The students of today are the future of our organizations. We are incredibly fortunate to have such a strong and educated pool of facility management students here in the Philadelphia region. You will be amazed at what they know, how quickly they learn and how much of an asset they can be to your organization.


There are two dynamic programs in the region to find qualified students for internships and permanent job placements.

  1. Temple University
    Bachelors of Science in Facilities Management, is a four-year professional degree program. This program is offered to third year students in the Architecture department. Temple Architecture is scheduled to apply for status as a candidate program for accreditation with IFMA and application for accreditation will take place at the first opportunity, May 2013.Course work address the following: Introduction to Facility Management, Computer Aided Facility Management, Materials & Methods, Financial Accounting, Real Estate Fundamentals and Practice, Project Planning & Programming, Sustainability & Architecture, Microeconomic Principles, Human Behavior, Research Methods for Facility Management, Design, Behavior & Culture, Law of Contracts, Organization & Management, Business Statistics, Capstone Research Seminar for Facility Management, Operations Management, Race & Diversity.
    Contact: Chair, School of Architecture: Kate Wingert – Playdon, Read more information about the program from Alana Dunoff’s introductory letter.
  2. Community College of Philadelphia
    Two-year Associate degree program accredited by IFMA. The program at CCP has two Options in Facility Management: Design or Construction. Each concentration draws on courses available in the departmental courses in architecture, interior design and construction. The course offerings provide a foundation in computer skills, including AutoCAD, other design and construction management software, and the basic Microsoft Office suite. In addition, the Program requires courses in Real Estate, Management, Leadership, and Economics. Graduates finish with an excellent, well-rounded foundation in Facility Management.Contact: Paula Behrens, Professor, Dept. of Architecture, Design & Construction,


In an effort to help you get the ball rolling in your company we have provided a template that you can follow to help build your internship program. If you have an existing internship program in your organization, you can utilize this template to provide your HR department with the pertinent information they need to get started.
Once your internal process is ready to go contact, you can contact the Department Chairs at Temple University and CCP and they will assist in posting the opportunity and setting up interviews with qualified students.

Company information
Company Name Contact Name
Company Address Contact Phone/email
Internship Overview (Example)

The ABC company’s internship program will provide an entry – level practical, hands-on learning experience in the activities and practices of facility management operations. Details of this position include:

  1. On-site interaction in one or more lines of facilities services
  2. Duties assigned may include
    • Assist with Space planning
    • Attend Staff relocation meetings and assist with move coordination
    • Update Master Cad files in AutoCAD
    • Coordinate CAFM program updates
  3. Experience with processes and/or personnel
  4. Project oversight and assist with implementation
  5. Mentorship by qualified facilities management staff to support both personal and professional development
  6. FM Internship period: June through August; 32 hours/week
  7. Compensation range is between $15 – $18/hr
  8. Qualifications (Example)
    • Enrolled in a local Facilities Management Degree program
    • Good communication skills (written and verbal)
    • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
    • Good time management
    • Self-Starter
    • AutoCAD and/or Revit experience. CAFM experience a plus
  9. Job may require on-site visits to multiple facilities that may require non-public transportation

Company Profile: The ABC Company is a Fortune 500 company, which is involved in providing the highest quality services to its clients. Headquartered in Center City Philadelphia, with 3500 personnel, with local and national regional offices as well that employ a total of 10,000 employees. Learn more at


If you are have further questions about creating an internship program feel free to contact the Department Chairs or someone from the Education Committee at the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of IFMA would be glad to answer your questions, contact us at